My Story: The Art of Me

Current Archetype: The Elegant Rebel

Once upon a time, there was a girl who wanted to try everything.

That was—and still is—me. I’ve never been able to pick just one thing. I am a writer, photographer, artist, myth midwife, mischief-maker, game-changer, firestarter + flame fanner, explorer, starluster, dancer, catalyst, and—most of all—a creator.

I am a wild little idea generator and I love making beautiful things. Especially powerful experiences with amazing adventurers like you.

I love to create and play with others—to be a navigator as we explore ourselves and our stories, and in doing so, re-claim our own personal power. 

photos of calee: Tiziana Rozzo

photos of calee: Tiziana Rozzo

My magic formula:


I believe that when we know who we are—our true, authentic soul-selves that no one else can be (what I call our own personal magic)—and mingle that with a rooted sense of our own personal power, amazing things happen.

That is when we transform.

And I LOVE transformation. I love boundary-pushing. I love exploring the wild, outer (and inner) reaches of myself, and others.

I love seeing people getting up the courage to leap into the next level of themselves.

And I absolutely love using my skills and gifts to support people in doing just that. 

Now, as a creative empowerment coach, I get to do this for a living. Wow.

This is what gives me goosebumps.

It is by witnessing those who courageously reveal themselves that I have learned the most about myself.

A little bit about wild, little me:


My diverse background has led me all over the world and deep into myself.

Wanderlust set in early, and I was fortunate to be born into an off-kilter family of food-lovers and explorers. I've lived in the U.S. (north and south), France, and Belgium, and have traveled to 25+ countries. I tasted smoked honey with a woman in the Marquesas, communed with an octopus while diving in Thailand, danced on a bhangra team for five years, and learned to drive like a badass Bostonian in the twenty years I've lived here.

My formal education includes a BA in French and international relations (I'm American) with concentrations in photography and dance. I have an MA in marketing communications (I was a girl who never talked because I used to be so shy), as well as several classes under my belt from the New England School of Photography and years of painting and mosaic-making. Much of my work life has revolved around writing stories of amazing people. At some point along the way, I realized I wanted to be one of them.

My informal education includes about a million things—like how to string a tarp, bake the perfect tart cherry pie, listen to what dogs have to teach us, and breathe my way into ecstasy. 

I've taken multiple leadership trainings at Harvard as well as Trish Blain/Ollin Institute's intensive conscious evolution training. I continue to work with amazing mentors and coaches who guide me in my own journey of empowerment. One of my gurus is a four-year-old; another one is my dog.

I have explored—deeply—what I love; I have also explored what I fear.

Let's just say I understand multiple perspectives.

I am no stranger to contrast. More than that, I love it. Our loves, fears, our crazy collection of contrasts—these are what make us the improbable cosmic miracles that we are!

And now I want everyone else to know that, too! 

Somewhere along the way, I noticed that as I shared my adventures, people got excited about their own—and seeing them spark really fired me up. Seeing others claim their courage and light themselves up... wow. The more YOU spark, the more I spark? Sign me up! So here I am, guiding others to fan their sparks into full-fledged flames. #gettinghotinhere


Why you might want to work with me...

To remind you that you already have and already are everything you could possibly need and want. If you have any doubt, let's go on that treasure hunt for YOU together—I know you're in there.

For a long time, I questioned my drive to explore everything: why couldn't I settle on one thing? Who was I? Was I refined and cultured, loving the art and food and ideas that were cultivated by my years in Europe, or was I wild and tangled and undone from my summers in the woods and lakes and oceans? Was I a writer, or an artist? Pie, or cupcakes? Calvin & Hobbes, or Carl Jung? I felt so much pressure to just pick something, already.

Turns out, we don't have to choose. Huh.

There is no either/or.

Without contrast, there is no dimension. And we are all multidimensional.

You get to be EVERYTHING that you love.

I think this is crucial to living a joyful life.

Do you know what you love? Do you allow yourself time to play and explore? That's where you're hiding—in the things you love.

The amazing thing in exploring so many seemingly disparate activities throughout the course of my life is that now I see patterns—everywhere. I see connections—everywhere—so I am able to plug myself in almost—anywhere. I'm a bridge. And you are too. Are there parts of you that don't seem to fit together? They do. And this is part of your power. Let's figure out how to harness that power—for you.

Mostly, I want you to know—to really, truly, wildly know in your bones—that you are a miracle.

I am rooting for you to be the youiest of yous. 

You, creatively empowered. That is what transforms us all.