Create your own spell: an exercise in creative self-empowerment

When I was a kid, one of my favorite activities was ice skating. One day, as I practiced my spins at the rink, I noticed I could write my first name, Calee, incised in cursive loop-de-loops on the ice.

Round and round I spun, my hair whipping and lifting. I remember vividly the chilly air prickling the tip of my nose, the sound of my skate blades scraping the ice, and the tug of centrifugal force on my arms, crossed tightly over my chest. I was exhilarated by the movement and by my buzzing, but acute, senses. I secretly thrilled at the knowledge that my name was left in the ice, hidden in plain sight.

It was my first spell, one of my first tricks for creative self-empowerment.

I didn’t know it then, didn’t know that I could imprint myself on the world and invite it to cooperate and conspire with me.

Didn’t understand that we are all capable of everyday magic.

Yup. I was both spelling my name, and casting a spell. I am here. Through my exhilaration, channeled through my spinning body, my name appears. My own little act of self-empowerment. Magic!

This is the season many of us like to play with magic. We transform ourselves into mystical creatures, heroes, and alter egos. We play the trickster, and give pumpkins a little personality. And we see nature transforming herself right along with us. Green leaves turn fiery, then fall like drunken, kamikaze ghosts. Water reminds us that it knows how to be solid, and what once was aboveground disappears and burrows deep to begin its winter work. Nature's creative power of transformation is out in full force, reminding us of our own.

What better way to celebrate this season of magic than to create your own spell?

Here’s a fun little exercise to play around with your own creative empowerment everyday magic:

Positive intention + engaged senses + symbols + physical action = spell

Choose a positive outcome you desire. How could you combine this positive thought with words, objects, and actions to create your spell? There is power in words, so choose carefully—be specific. Really play with your senses! Is there a specific scent or tactile object that you love? Is there a leaf, book, or piece of pottery that reminds you of someone or somewhere? Do you feel a kinship to a specific element? Maybe you'll burn a piece of paper (to let go) or tuck a flower under your pillow (to invite something in). Is there a time of day you feel more energetic and empowered? If your energy soars at night, that's your power time—go with it, and call on the moon, stars, and nocturnal creatures to help you cast your spell. If you're a bright, sunshiny person, maybe broad daylight is the time for you.

Choose your elements and then anchor them by combining them with a physical action—maybe a sassy finger snap, dance move, karate chop, or deep belly laugh—use your imagination! That’s where magic lives. 

Be as specific as you can, and remember to focus on something positive—for both you and the world (we’re all about the good juju). And then… see what happens. What do you feel? Is there a little thrill of power somewhere under your skin? A spark of creativity bubbling in your throat like laughter?

Remember—you have to believe in magic to see it. 

Happy spelling!

Love + courage,


What's your spell? Did you spell something amazing into existence? Please share in the comments below!

>> Not sure what your special blend of magic is? If you’re interested in working with me to do some self-exploration and weave your story art magic, I’d love to hear from you!



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