Find the ultimate self-empowerment at the heart of home

Some of you have asked for the full text of my poem, “Home.” I can’t think of anything more perfect to share right now—a poem about finding love--the ultimate self-empowerment--at the heart of home.

This is a nod to my fellow restless ones.

Those of us who feel the constant tug, or hear that distant voice, no matter what we do or where we go.

You know how it goes. We go about our business and try and try to ignore the call. Sometimes, we succeed for a while. We believe we’ve willed it into submission, or withered it with our conscientious neglect.

But, like any wild thing buried deep, it claws its way back to the surface, revitalized after its forced hibernation.

As much as we try, we can’t resist. It will not be denied. And we love it.

So, even though we might be terrified, we plunge, or leap, or fall, or fall apart, or let go…

…and find ourselves along the way.

Find that the call was coming from within, not some untraveled-to land.

Find that it is our own voice calling desperately for ourselves, to empower ourselves, to livelivelove not just for others, but for ourselves.

Find that we are our own best adventures.

Find that it’s not at all about finding… it’s about being. Being the love that we are.

Coming home to love.

My fellow restless ones, you ARE the love that you seek. I promise. 



Some of us name ourselves the

restless ones

We crave our restlessness the way we do our lovers

Intense, and pearlescent

We nurture the search, knowing that


is found in the journey, and not in the arrival


that oceanic moment when home finds us, startled,

caught in mid-crest—

The journey was within, you see

Turns out there was no voyage, no expedition to mount

Home was the current we were riding all along

Every wave who individuates

and sinks back into the sea

knows this

Though we kept crashing against it, we were never seeking the shore

We belong to the place we are made,

the place of deepest love

that fathomless state of grace that is our seabed

A place to rest

after the tumbling is


© Calee Lucht 2016

Love + courage,

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Copyright 2017 Calee Lucht. All rights reserved.