Imaginary Conversations with the Dalai Lama: Part II

"Everyone else's stories don't apply to us--until the exact moment we realize they do."

My imaginary conversation with the Dalai Lama continues...

I love how much I learn from other people sharing their stories. Sometimes, the "aha" doesn't happen until years later (sorry, mom and dad!).

Sometimes, even though details and circumstances are different, I feel an immediate resonance.

Stories are both incredibly personal and utterly universal, and that makes them so powerful. 

Often, I come to understand them layer by layer--much as I've come to understand myself--in different ways at different times in my life.

Stories are like this essence that swirls around us at all times, just waiting to be recognized and acknowledged. And when we do, the stories burst into brilliant, multidimensional life. 

They are invisible connectors across space and time: without stories, every moment is discrete, without context. Stories illustrate our moments, and give them depth and richness and history. At the same time, every moment IS discrete and without context: we have the power to sever the ties of previous story and choose a brand new one at any time. 

Every story, every moment is a chance for incredible depth and connection, and a blank slate. The end... is only the beginning.

What do you think?

Love + courage,

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