How to spark your creative self-empowerment: The art of the medicine bag

One of the best ways to find our own power is through our creativity.

Creativity is like the gateway drug to self-empowerment, because creativity always starts with the spark of desire.

And desires... they come from the heart. Nothing more powerful than that. Our truest, deepest desires are our treasures.

In some indigenous cultures, they made manifest these desires and treasures in the form of medicine bags. Medicine bags were small bundles worn around the neck, nestled close to the heart and filled with sacred objects. Some items in the bag could be used for physical healing, such as herbs, roots, and flowers. The pouches also included objects that spoke to the healing of the spirit. Feathers, beautiful stones, or other objects were sometimes included as talismans. 

Medicine pouches were intensely personal, and the objects were granted mystical, empowering properties, or "medicine," by their bearer--much as we treasure special objects like wedding rings, charms, love letters, or even tattoos and jewelry. Because these objects were the "chosen ones," they also revealed what was important to their keepers; they reflected the wearer's values and identity. The medicine pouch, then, was a conglomeration of self-expression and self-empowerment.

I love the idea of a little, curated collection of objects that hold special value to us, and that each piece expresses a unique part of ourselves: our own special blend of healing, beauty, and magic. Our own creative self-empowerment.

If you were to create your own medicine pouch with just 5 objects, what would you include? What 5 objects do you love, and what do they reveal about you? If physical objects aren't your thing, what about 5 memories, or wishes? Feel free to get creative! 

Here's what I'd put in my own pouch, and why:

-My grandmother's wedding rings (Not only are they beautiful, they remind me of partnership and love.)

-A silver ring that I made (A reminder of my own creative abilities.)

-A token from a loved one that reads, "Nature does not rush, yet all is accomplished." (Note to self: Stop forgetting this.)

-A small, silky smooth piece of driftwood with a stone embedded in it (It's so wonderful to touch, and reminds me of water, earth, and time.)

-The poem Last Gods by Galway Kinnell (Because whoaaa.)

What about you? What's the magic of your medicine bag? Why are your objects important to you? Please share in the comments!

Love + courage,

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