How to live a full-spectrum life

Sometimes, I wonder if all I ever really needed to learn, I learned as a kid.

I remember getting my first prism as a kid and being captivated by how a single beam of light would hit the faceted crystal and erupt in a spectrum of colors on the other side.

It was like seeing the building blocks of the universe: light, deconstructed.

I‘d spend hours capturing beams of light and aiming the rainbows: at the cement sidewalk, like a little projected movie; at my leg, to adorn myself with a fleeting tattoo; at flowers, because somehow, that seemed like some sort of magic; at our dog, to see the rainbow rippling across her sleek ribs.

I wasn’t just seeing the building blocks of the universe—I was playing with them.

And I haven’t stopped since. I’ve always loved creating new worlds. Creativity has always been one of the best ways for me to empower myself—self-empowerment through random acts of creativity. Now, I love inviting others to play, too.

The way I see it, each one of us is actually a prism.

Each of us takes in the light and energy of the universe, alchemizes it in our own unique way, and then radiates that back out as the full spectrum of who we are.

Us, illuminated.

Our divinity made manifest.

The universe, reconstructed and played out through us.

So cool!

What’s so beautiful about this to me is that no one else can possibly emit the same spectrum you can, because no one else is you.

What you emit is all yours, all you—energy and light played out through your unique combination of facets, shaped by your experiences and actions, your gifts and desires. Your personal creative power.

Even cooler? You can mold and shape and play with your own prism.

You don’t have to be bound by right angles to refract your light because, well—you’re not a rock. Hooray! You can choose all kinds of wrong angles (wow, I do that all the time), curves, and whatevers to shine the way you want to shine. Your rainbow options are infinite.

You yourself are the crucible, and you are your very own alchemist.

And when the alchemist and the crucible realize they’re in cahoots with each other… bam! You don't just make magic, you ARE magic. That is creative self-empowerment.

As Dr. Seuss said, “No one alive is youer than you!” Truer than true.

And that is something to celebrate—infinitely.

So tell me, what makes you YOU? What do you love creating and putting out there in the universe? I'd love to hear from you in the comments about how you empower yourself through your creativity!

Shine on, my colorful wild tribe! Have fun making rainbow magic.

Love + courage,

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