Men Wanted: Creative Empowerment Coaching

“MEN WANTED for hazardous journey, small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful, honor and recognition in case of success.” – Ernest Shackleton

I felt a strange little thrill when I first read these words.

As the story goes, this was the ad Sir Ernest Shackleton placed to recruit crew members for his 1914 expedition of the Endurance to the South Pole. Never mind that they never made it to the South Pole, even though every single crew member made it back alive after the ship froze, immobilized in pack ice before finally succumbing to the winter sea.

What fascinates me is the fact that, when I read those words, I really wanted to board that boat.

The ad didn’t mention specific jobs, like engineers, cooks, or swabbies. It didn’t even mention the purpose or destination of the expedition. It spoke instead of hardship and glory.

It spoke of recognition.

This is not the kind of recognition that comes from others.

This is the recognition that comes from meeting newly revealed versions of ourselves. Our selves that emerge from sailing straight into what thrills and terrifies us.

This, then, is an ad for the restless ones. For the seekers. For those who “long for the endless immensity of the sea,” to borrow Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s words. For those who are not looking to come back unchanged.

For those who are seeking to recognize and amplify themselves through courage and adventure.

This is the kind of journey I love. And these are the kind of adventurers I want along with me.

There's that thrill again.

So, my fellow explorers, in order to sail straight into what I love (and yup, a little bit terrified), I’ve embarked on a new adventure: a creative empowerment coaching program for men, HE/ART: Art of the Masculine.

Because I believe that healthy masculinity truly is an art: the art of charting one’s heart. Through our creativity, we can tap into our own self-empowerment. And I believe that so many men are so very ready for this ultimate adventure--the adventure of creating themselves, the most empowered version of themselves. Of defining themselves for themselves, not being defined by some faceless status quo.

And I madly, truly, deeply believe that this is exactly what the world needs. Men with courage. Men with heart.

This is for men who know deep down that their courage—the authentic kind that wells up from our hearts and desire, not disconnected domination or recklessness—will lead them to the self-empowered version of themselves they want to reveal.

For men who know they’ll recognize the fierce and gentle warriors that they are in rooted self-empowerment and authentic expression.

For men who choose freedom and love, and the kind of freedom that can only be found in love.

My quest is to support you, men, in your expedition into yourself so you can empower the best and truest version of yourself.

My ad would go something like this:

Men Wanted for courageous journey: questing into your own light and darkness; high risk of breaking open your heart; return back to original size doubtful; love and recognition in case of success (oh, and there's no such thing as failure). Laughter guaranteed—WITH me is preferable, AT me is tolerable. xoxo

It’s true, I am a siren; I lure others to their depths. The thing is, that’s where the most undeniable strength is born. That’s where we see how brilliantly our light truly shines. Skillful sailors are not made in the shallows. You were not made to be superficial; you are meant to go deep. Deep into your power, your courage, your creativity, and your heart.

There’s so much waiting there for you.

I promise: there will be laughter. And no swabbing.

Men wanted.

Love + courage,

>> Ready to begin your expedition, my wild friend? Me too. Don't wait another minute to live the adventure of YOU. Drop me a note!

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