How to live life as an act of devotion

This is one of my favorite pics from my trip to Bali. It’s not the best photo—it was literally a shoot-from-the-hip moment. What fascinates is how it depicts different stages in the cycle of devotion.



Here are some of the things I love about it:

-- My eye moves in a spiral (sacred geometry, anyone?), starting with the woman bending over giving a blessing; then, to the man receiving it, to hands raised in prayer, to a woman rising.  And just when my eye reaches the point of moving out of the photo in the upper right… we see another woman’s feet, returning. What a beautiful representation of the reflective cycle of human divinity.

-- A woman bestowing blessing, and a man receiving it. It’s not duality; there is no subject/object. It’s a reciprocal circuit.

-- The purification of self that comes from water—the human body’s most fundamental element. We purify ourselves… with ourselves.

-- Hands pressed together in prayer. We literally touch our own flesh to connect to the divine. Think about THAT for a second!

-- A woman on her knees, rising from prayer—or perhaps sinking into it. Leaning on a tree for support: trusting the "nature" of devotion.

-- The feet of a woman returning, perpetuating the cycle. Our feet are where we connect to the earth, how we plug into the planet. From there we rise toward the sky, reaching up for whatever divinity we imagine. Our feet are the connection between our earth-bound selves and our untethered spirits.

-- Nature is entirely integrated into the process. There is no separation of human and nature.

-- Beauty, so much beauty. There’s just no question that beauty is part of the divine process. As are we.

-- These beautiful Balinese are some of the staff at Alam Indah hotel in Ubud, and they warmheartedly welcomed me and my camera. 

To them, sacred is not secret.

As they wrapped up their worship, they wished me “Happy good morning!” because it’s good AND happy.

And that is divine.

I’m curious, what do YOU see? Drop me a note--I’d love to know!

Love + courage,

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