Create a system of love: be the system of love

I don’t even know how to address the horrors of the past week, months, centuries.

I’ve been overwhelmed, ashamed, indignant, incredulous, scared, and horrified at the level of hatred present. What to do in the face of atrocity? How can I make a difference? I can’t pretend I have the answers.

But what is surging with crystal clarity for me is this:

The power to choose and act from love will always be stronger than choosing to act from fear and hatred.

Not a single one of us would be here on this planet if this weren’t true. Those who are committing these acts of hatred and violence have no idea of the power of love--none. Let’s show them. Here are a few ways I’m trying to do that; I’d love it if you’d share your ideas, too.

~Govern ourselves—from a place of love and respect, towards ourselves and others. Let’s be models for the kind of citizens we want to be in the kind of world we want to live in. No system will give us that, but we can give it to ourselves, and to others.

~Make money irrelevant. Sadly, money has become a currency of fear, and it no longer serves us in the way it was originally intended: as a system, it is no longer distributed according to value, and is used as a hierarchical tool by those in "power." It's still necessary, of course, but don't forget that there are other types of currency: kindness; compassion; helping. Wouldn't it be amazing if we were compensated based on how loving we are? We'd be falling all over ourselves doing wonderful things. So, where we can, let’s make money as irrelevant as possible. Nurture our neighbors. Share stories with our families. Create joy with our friends. Learn from our struggles. Protect our planet and each other. Love as wholeheartedly as we possibly can as often as we can. Reuse, refurbish, recycle. Take every opportunity to make money less valuable than love and joy. No system will give us that, but we can give it to ourselves, and to others.

~Come together. “Divide and conquer” is a powerful strategy, and those who perpetuate hate are counting on it and actively fomenting it. Let’s not fall into this trap—not this time. Unite in love. If we can’t unite in love, at least try respect. No system will give us that, but we can give it to ourselves, and to others.

~Do not mistake love for weakness—ever. Righteous outrage, transmuted through and acted upon with love— into inspiring art, guiding words, generative reform, caring acts—that is not weakness. Standing up for and protecting our families, our communities, our values, borne through and acted upon with love—through guidance, support, protection, alliance—that is not weakness. Violence is. Violence is the worst form of weakness, and it is never, ever a single act—it’s a cycle. A cycle of decay—and the only way to end it is to not perpetuate it. “An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind,” said Mr. Gandhi. See light, instead. No system will give us that, but we can give it to ourselves, and others.

-Just love.
-Just love.
-Just love. 

Please, just love. For yourself, and for others. Let’s make that the system.

#systemoflove #justlove

Love + courage,

>> Every system needs a little support. I'd love to partner with you as you create your own system--your LIFE--of love. Drop me a note to connect!

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