Yoda Was Right: There is No "Try"

“Do, or do not. There is no try.”

To be honest, I always doubted Yoda on this one.

What’s the harm in just trying something out? I can’t always go all-in on everything I do. If I had to fully commit to every single thing I, um, tried, I might not try a lot of them. And I really like trying new things. Why would Yoda want me to dampen my urge to explore?

But I realized I’ve been misunderstanding this.

“Trying” is actually just a mind construct we’ve made up to hide our shame at doing something badly.

We think we should know how to do things well right from the start. We’ve made up the idea of “try” to hedge our bets because we don’t permit ourselves to just muddle through things. #sillyhumans 

So, Yoda is right: “Trying” doesn’t actually exist—we do it, or we do not do it. Doing things badly, though, that totally exists. And thank goodness! How can we do great things if we don’t do them badly, first? Even if we have some natural talent at something, chances are we’ll muck it up at some point. But whatever. We’re doing it. So, I no longer “try to sing;” I just “sing suckily.” Hooray! If you love it, do it! Do it badly! Do it again!

Do it until you do it like a Jedi master.

 #AlwaysRightHeIs #SmallButMighty

May the fourth be with you!

Love + courage,

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