Self-empowerment through creativity


I have a knack for seeing what fires people up. And when we devote ourselves to keeping our fans flamed, transformation happens. One of the easiest ways to stay fired up is to use your innate creativity.

Your creative self-expression is a gateway to your power.

And your power is your springboard to transformation—to creating a life to fall in love with.

As an empowerment coach, I tap into your undercurrents of deep desire—those energies that are circulating beneath your skin, but have been blocked in some way—to bring them to the surface so you can align with that power to live into your true, authentic self.

I offer creative tools, support, and wild enthusiasm for you to launch your transformation: for you to embrace the limitless, authentic power of YOU.

In our one-on-one phone calls, we’ll explore a variety of creative tools to unveil your true YOU.

What makes you feel powerful—not that dominant, power-over kind of powerful—but that feeling of deep integrity, truth, and love that radiates from your core? What exuberance is dying to get out? Where are you aching to leap? What just sounds fun

Together, we'll explore your own magic of creativity and self-expression, and the art of your own self-empowerment.


What do you love? Tell me, please—there is nothing more powerful than what you love. What makes you laugh? What makes you feel generous? Where do you get stuck—over and over again?

What makes you feel on FIRE? 

We'll explore tools and exercises for diving deep and plugging into your own authentic power.

The best part? You don't have to wait for empowerment to come to you; you can turn yourself on.

Sounds fun, yes?


What is your particular and peculiar blend of strengths and flaws and gifts and loves? Is there a part of you you've been tamping down—but it's growing resentful and making you feel stifled? What talents come naturally to you—that you actually love to use? Is there some situation in your life that keeps repeating, and you just can't seem to get out of it? What kind of experience would you love to create? 

This alchemical concoction is part of your power. Yes, even the stuckness.

We'll explore different outlets for your expression, based on what sounds fun or intriguing: art, writing, movement, cracking jokes, whispering to birds, building new universes, arm wrestling, jumping out of airplanes, whatever.

Expressing your creativity isn't limited to a paintbrush.

You can create experiences. You can create feelings. You can create systems. You can create manifestos and stories and meals and welcoming homes and transcendent experiences and social movements and actual human beings... 

As a creator, you get to choose what you want to create in the world, and what that looks and feels like. Wow. That's powerful.


Live the life you truly desire. 

What are you missing? What do you want? Really, truly, deep down in your heart, that life you know is meant to be yours if only... WANT? 

If you felt authentically empowered and you knew how to express that power—what amazingness would you want to create in this world?

Trust me, the world is waiting for you. We need all the amazingness we can get.

Then, the leap is up to you.

And I will be jumping up and down in joy shouting encouragement and inspiration and blasphemy (if that's what it takes) for YOU, ready to celebrate as YOU CLAIM YOU.

It's time to turn your spark into a full-fledged fire, my wild friend. 

Love + courage,