This is a wild siren song for men who are ready to claim true power: inner wealth

Are you ready to align with your inner wealth so you can reignite your life, clarify your purpose, and transform your life into the one you can't wait to live?

If you’re here, you already know that you are a catalyst: you change others, whether you want to or not. It just happens. This is exactly why I want to work with men like you. If you’re courageous enough to develop the inner wealth to complement your outer wealth, you will be a role model for every person on the planet, just by being you. This is the difference between being a leader and being a visionary leader.

I coach visionary leaders like you who want to achieve an echelon they’ve never before reached: a life they are relentlessly in love + lust with.

In our one-on-one phone calls, I'll partner with you to:

  • Prioritize your values so you can embody the version of yourself you've been wanting to unleash

  • Cultivate the mindset, clarity, and integrity to channel the power of your deepest desires

  • Identify and work through limiting patterns or beliefs that might be keeping you from owning your next level

  • Develop the rich inner wealth that helps illuminate your purpose for achieving outer wealth; bring meaning to your money

  • Find ways to be in love + lust with your own life (I just can’t do bland; there is way too much beauty in the world to choose bland)

I'll bring the intuition, creative approach, and a little loving bossiness. You bring your open-mindedness, investment in your vision, and desire for transformation.

Every hero's journey needs a muse; allow me to be yours? 


In our private phone coaching consultations, I offer you all the tools I've learned in my years of exploration. I want you to tap into your TRUEST power: the power that comes from deep integrity mingled with deep desire.

Choose what EMPOWERED feels like for YOU—not the narrow, disconnected dominator crap we’ve been sold for so long. Money, status, authority—those can all be taken away, lost, or just lose value with shifting sands. True power comes from within. When you unleash your innate power, you’ll be amazed at what transforms.

Some of the things you'll explore:

  • Where are you missing out on life? What’s your next level? We'll chart how you can take action in alignment with your core values and desires

  • Feeling isolated? We’ll explore the crucial difference between “power over” versus true, authentic power

  • Feeling disconnected? I’ll teach you how to tap into your intuition and the insane amount of information your body has to tell you (including how there might just be way more to sex than you think—and why that is awesome)

  • Longing to share your life in a deeper way? We’ll explore an expansive take on partnership: with your lover, your family, your colleagues, your community, and yourself

  • Connecting to nature to feel inspired by wild

  • How to use archetypes as guides

  • Acknowledging vulnerability (which is power in disguise) and learning how to work with it

More and more, I hear from men that they feel restless. Uninspired.

You want more, and know it's out there—you can taste it, but just aren't sure how to attain it.  

We’re in strange times; it can be difficult for men to feel comfortable exploring their inner space, because they’ve been sold a lie: that power comes from without. Money. Status. Authority. Bullshit. These things have influence, for sure—no need to give them up (except the bullshit, perhaps). But nothing that can be taken away by someone else will ever be truly powerful. Your truest power comes from within. LET’S GO GET IT.

Gender roles can be limiting, confusing, and downright damaging. "Being a man" somehow became tied to aggression, dominance, hyper-logic, and apathy. The spectrum of masculine expression has been narrowed down so that many men are adhering blindly to a limited definition of manhood—one they didn’t even choose (does not having a choice feel powerful? No.). This has had disastrous consequence for us all. Rates of suicide, depression, and violence are rising. So many men tell me they feel incomplete, angry, sad, or just not the men they want to be. Others are pretty happy… but want MORE. To be in love + lust with life.

There IS so much more.

Life has been presented in goal-oriented, binary, win at all costs terms, but that’s such a limited view. What might win/win look like? 

  • Connecting in authenticity, not from behind a mask. Can you feel the relief in that?

  • Leadership entrusted by your team, not taken from a place of dominance. Can you feel the expansiveness of that?

  • Empathy, not cutting yourself off from the forces of emotion. Can you feel the love in that?

  • Wild enthusiasm, not apathy. Can you feel the joy of that?

  • Taking action from a place of purpose, not in reaction to fear. Can you feel the freedom in that?

  • Joy. Can you feel how much you’ve been missing that?

  • Leading a life of inner and outer wealth. Can you feel the truth in that?


I believe that a healthy society needs healthy, vibrant men.

For anyone to feel authentically healthy and joyful, you must know who you are, and claim every bit of it—while offering others the same respect. 

I believe that when you are able to tap into the power of your heart and mingle that with authentic self expression, your game changes

Authentic power. Success according to your own values. A life worth loving.

I believe this because this has been my own journey, my quest to re-discover and to choose who I am, to create a life in which I feel powerful and free—even in connection and partnership. As a woman, I've been supported in my journey by mentors, guides, and friends.

For men, I see it's not always so easy. There's often still a stigma that comes along with seeking guidance, simply getting to know yourselves, or asking for help: inner exploration can be seen as fluffy and indulgent; help is for the weak-willed.

I call bullshit.

You know it's bullshit too, because you can feel it. You can see all the things that have gone so wrong. You feel something missing.

YOU are missing.

Think about it: How can one fully thrive, prosper, and know deep joy if we're cutting off or tamping down parts of ourselves? We can't. Each one of us is a system, even when our brains try to run the whole show. Our hearts, bodies, and spirit have a lot to say about things. Listen.

"My mind speaks total fuckery unless I turn my soul on."

(I don't know who said this, but yes!)

So, let's turn you on.


Turn yourself on and master your own wild art of power, desire, and connection.

THAT is living life to the fullest.

THAT is courage.

THAT is what I want for us all.

You are so needed, my wild visionary. We need good men. We need alive men. We need men who are in love + lust with their own damn lives.

If you're a man who wants to claim your authentic power and accelerate into the life you’ve been envisioning, I would love to connect

To undertake this journey is heroic; take the first step right now. Do you hear the sirens? They're singing—I'm singing—wildly, for you. It’s time to ignite.


Love, lust + courage,