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The Art of the Leap

How do we do it? How do we actually take the leap?

We all talk about change. How much we want it, what we would gain from it, how happy and fulfilled we'd be.

But when it comes right down to it, change can be tough. We want to--we really do!

We have the best of intentions. But, well, we all have stuff. Lots of stuff.

We start off strong, and then stuff comes up. I know--I have stuff, too. 

Learning to work with my stuff instead of stuffing it down--that was a game-changer. 

Learning how to... 

-love what makes me tick

-connect to what makes me feel empowered

-accept fear without being paralyzed

-evaporate shame

-amp up desire

-work with my gifts

-get really, really excited about possibilities

...has empowered me in a way that browbeating myself or being super-duper logical never did. I mean, I don't like it when anyone else is mean to me (and I'm sure not going to listen to them), so why do I think I can be mean to me and get stuff done?!  And logic...it's good and all, it really is, but c'mon, there's so much more to life!

Pie isn't logical, but it's magical.

And magical thinking... that's where amazing stuff happens.

That's where we remember we can fly.

Empowerment + expression = transformation.

In my own quest to just do it already, I've become fascinated by what motivates us to actually take the leap. Because I know it's not always easy. Sometimes it's incredibly, excruciatingly hard.

But it is so worth it. 

So, that's where I come in!

I want to help change-seekers like you rediscover and celebrate you own personal powers of transformation.

To help you move through the stuff, and then watch you soar! 

If your'e anything like me, you'll want to keep on leaping. But sometimes, we fall back into old habits (hello, logic).

We forget that we are actually... powerful. 

Well, I am here to remind you, my friends. So, take the leap and sign up for my newsletter! 

I'll share my tips and tools for empowerment and expression, blog posts, and other stuff I love that I think will help you feel empowered, exhilarated, and in love with life.

Welcome to my wild little world!