Count how many heartbeats you’ve spent envisioning a dream, and you’ll know how many reasons you have to pursue it.

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What would it feel like to live a life you’re in love with?

I believe that when you embrace and express your integrity, creativity, and uniqueness—and mingle that with rooted self-empowerment—transformation happens. That is when you free yourself to really start living your own legend. Your life becomes your own self-created work of art. Self-made, in the truest sense.

One of the best ways to discover your own authentic power is to explore your creativity. Your creative energy is your rocket fuel.


As a creative empowerment coach, I am here to help you coax your truest desires to life. My job is to give you the tools to anchor in yourself so you can launch yourself into a life you are in love with—the one you’ve envisioned for so long. If you’re feeling stuck, tamped down, or uninspired—and know there’s a whole other universe out just waiting for YOU—this is the place to start.


As an artist, I create tangible touchstones that remind you of your own power: something beautiful to reflect the cosmic conglomeration of amazingness that is YOU. If you are ready to honor your origin story and love the magic of art, I’d love to co-create this journey with you.

How will you choose the adventure of you? Your journey back to yourself begins here.

>>Not sure which journey to choose right now? No problem! All of my programs come with a complimentary 20-minute phone call to explore what's right for you. Drop me a note, wild one. I’d love to connect.

If you're here, you already know you want to spark to life. You can feel it, can’t you?

That voice just below the surface, trying to get your attention. You may not even know it’s your voice. Maybe it feels like restlessness, or anticipation. Perhaps it feels like transition: one chapter ending, another beginning.

Or something missing. Something you crave—that thing you know should exist because you can feel it smell it taste it, but you just can't quite put your finger on it.

Revealing a new facet of yourself, or letting go of an old one. Wrestling down a demon.

Maybe it’s pure, raw, energy ready to go supernova: the part of you that’s ready to rip off the straightjacket and race towards the wildness of abandon.

Whatever it is, it’s time for it to be seen and heard. This, you know. This voice has something to say. YOU have something to say. Let’s listen together.

Empowerment + Expression = Transformation

If there's anything that comes close to a magic formula, this is it.

When you mingle your heart-based expression + authentic personal power, you CHOOSE the legend you want to live and the work of art you wish to be.

The honor of a lifetime is you choosing you. Are you ready for transformation, wild visionary?

Can't wait.

Love + courage,