Every ending is just a new beginning. Every story told gives birth to a new one just waiting to be lived.

Welcome! I'm so glad you found me.

My wish is to transform your story into a work of art.

Together, we’ll do a photo shoot. Then, I’ll work to weave your unique tale, curate the photos, and combine them in a finely crafted album. Your personal myth, transformed into an heirloom and a touchstone.

Intuitive story art.

Starbirth by Calee Lucht copyright 2016
Starbirth by Calee Lucht copyright 2016

If you're here, you already know you have a story that wants to spark to life.

You can feel it, can’t you?

That voice just below the surface, trying to get your attention. You may not even know it’s your voice. Maybe it feels like restlessness, or anticipation, or celebration. Perhaps it feels like transition: one chapter ending, another beginning...

Revealing a new facet of yourself, or letting go of an old one. Or maybe it’s just pure, raw, energy ready to go supernova: Ferocity. Exhilaration!

Whatever it is, it wants to be seen and heard. This, you know.

This voice has something to say. YOU have a story—many stories!—just waiting to be told, and I want to help you tell them.

Your voice is your power and your catalyst for transformation.

What story does your soul want to tell, right now? What does it look like to see yourself in your story? What does it feel like?

Let’s explore! With photos, story, and touches of art, let’s bring your myth to life. The end product will be a custom album that serves as a touchstone for you to honor your story, and yourself.

Intuitive story art.

I can’t wait!