Do you long to leave powerlessness behind and live into yourself? 

I believe that when we know who we are—when we really, truly embrace our uniqueness—and mingle that with rooted self-empowerment, transformation happens.

That is when we really start living our own legends. That is when we spark.

If you're here, you already know you want to spark to life.

You can feel it, can’t you?

That voice just below the surface, trying to get your attention. You may not even know it’s your voice. Maybe it feels like restlessness, or anticipation, or celebration. Perhaps it feels like transition: one chapter ending, another beginning... Or something missing. Something you crave.

Revealing a new facet of yourself, or letting go of an old one. Wrestling down a demon. Or maybe it’s just pure, raw, energy ready to go supernova: Ferocity. Exhilaration!

Whatever it is, it wants to be seen and heard. This, you know. This voice has something to say. YOU have something to say. Your voice is your power and your catalyst for transformation.

Empowerment + Expression = Transformation

If there's anything that comes close to a magic formula, this is it.

When you mingle your unbridled expression + authentic empowerment, you can CHOOSE the legend you want to live. You are your own best adventure, and you get to choose it!

Empowerment: What do you love? Tell me, please—there is nothing more powerful than what you love. What makes you laugh? What makes you feel on FIRE? We'll explore tools and exercises for plugging in to your own authentic power.

Expression: What talents come naturally to you—that you actually love to use? What is your particular and peculiar blend of strengths and flaws and gifts and loves? This alchemical concoction is part of your power. We'll explore different outlets for your expression, based on what sounds fun or intriguing: art, writing, movement, cracking jokes, building new universes, arm wrestling, whatever

Transformation: Live the life you want. What are you missing? What do you want? Really, truly, deep down in your heart, that life you know is meant to be yours if only... WANT? 

Are you ready for transformation my wild friend? Are you willing to really live into yourself?

I offer tools, support, and wild enthusiasm for you to launch your transformation; for you to embrace the limitless, wild energy of YOU.

In all of my programs, we’ll explore a variety of tools to unveil your true YOU. What makes you feel powerful? What is dying to get out? Where are you aching to leap? What just sounds fun? Remember fun??

How will you transform? Choose your own adventure...

Ready to leap into the life you long for? Let's play! I offer a variety of options for working together. Just drop me a note and tell me what resonates. Not sure which YOU to choose right now? No problem! Get in touch and we'll schedule a complimentary 20-minute phone call to explore what's right for you.