My Story: The Art of Me

Current Archetype: The Elegant Rebel

Once upon a thousand lifetimes, there was a girl who wanted to try everything.

That was—and still is—me. I’ve never been able to pick just one thing. I am a visionary, artist, coach, writer, photographer, healer, flame fanner, dancer, catalyst, and—most of all—a CREATOR.

I love generating: ideas, beautiful things, and especially transformational experiences with powerful visionaries like you.

photos of calee: Tiziana Rozzo

photos of calee: Tiziana Rozzo

My magic formula:


I believe that when we joyfully express who we are—our true, authentic soul-selves—and mingle that with a rooted sense of our own personal power, amazing things happen.

That is when we connect with others with authenticity, integrity, and joy. That is when we connect WITH OURSELVES with authenticity, integrity, and joy. That is when we experience true freedom. That is when we transform.

And I LOVE transformation. I love boundary-pushing. I love bringing visions to life. I love supporting clients as they leap into the next level of themselves.

I believe:

  • In joy.

  • In beauty.

  • In daring beyond our comfort zone… and in coming back to comfort. Titration.

  • That what you love is the most important thing about you. And the most intriguing.

  • That creativity is an assertion of self—proving to ourselves our own existence. It is why every cosmology begins with a creator being—to know the beauty of our existence, and to heal it.

  • That each of us is a unique, embodied conduit for the energy of everything—and that the gift of being here on earth is that we can express and share our authentic, integrated, empowered selves.

  • In identifying our core values and creating a life that aligns with them as much as possible.

  • That we are in a reciprocal, loving relationship with everything in the universe. Which means…

  • Everything is connected. Everything. What I do for myself, I do for the world. What I do for the world, I do for myself. We must choose consciously.

  • That many of the shadows we face today are the result of forgetting that everything is connected—and the FEAR of that connection.

  • In sacred partnership: partnerships that make the world, and me, a more loving place.

  • In working to shift from systems of domination to systems of partnership.

  • In humane humanity. We are living in an anti-human era, and I believe we need to honor and celebrate our WHOLE humanness if we are to survive. Because if humans can’t be humane… then we got it all wrong.

  • That I can move things with my mind and breathe under water… if I could just remember how.

  • That I am here to help heal the binary: to remind us that things that look like opposites are anything but. They are integral to each other: The mystery AND the mundane. The feminine AND the masculine. Wisdom AND innocence. Light AND shadow. Creation AND destruction. Giving AND receiving. Individuation AND oneness. Freedom AND connection.

  • That duality is just foreplay for alchemy.

  • That nature can tell us everything we need to know about ourselves. (Because we ARE nature.)

  • In you.

My journey:


My diverse background has led me all over the world and deep into myself.

Wanderlust set in early, and I was fortunate to be born into an off-kilter family of food-lovers and explorers. I've lived in the U.S. (north and south), France, and Belgium, and have traveled to 25+ countries. 

I've tasted smoked honey from a local woman in her home on a tiny island in the Marquesas, communed with an octopus while diving in Thailand, danced on a bhangra team for five years, and learned to drive like a badass Bostonian in the twenty years I lived here. To combat the badass driving, I am also a Reiki II practitioner. To combat Boston winters, I recently relocated to North Carolina.

My formal education includes a BA in French and international relations (I'm American) with concentrations in photography and dance. I have an MA in marketing communications (I'm the girl who never talked because I used to be so shy) as well as several classes from the New England School of Photography and years of writing, painting, dancing, and mosaic-making.

I spent seventeen years working in fundraising, marketing, and communications at Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School. It turned out to be a front-row seat into what motivates people to be generous, and what makes for an authentic leader—and what doesn’t. It’s been key for me to discern the kind of connected, empowered—NOT dominating—leadership I see changing the world for the better, and why it’s important to choose what makes us joyful, not just what makes us wealthy. These are things I now teach my clients—they’re crucial core values for anyone who wants to catapult themselves into fully embodying a life they love.

I've taken multiple leadership trainings at Harvard, and have taken on my own study of leadership, partnership, masculinities, and intensive training in conscious evolution with some mind-blowing mentors. I continue to work with amazing mentors and coaches who guide me in my own journey of empowerment. One of my gurus is a six-year-old; another one is my dog. 

My informal education includes about a million things—like how to string a tarp, bake the perfect tart cherry pie, listen to what dogs have to teach us (I return the favor with animal Reiki), and breathe my way into ecstasy. 

I have explored—deeply—what I love; I have also explored what I fear.

Let's just say I understand multiple perspectives.


I am no stranger to contrast. More than that, I love it. 

Our loves, fears, our crazy collection of contrasts—these are what make us the improbable cosmic miracles that we are.

Somewhere along the way, I noticed that as I shared my adventures, people got excited about their own—and seeing them spark really fired me up. Seeing others claim their courage and light themselves up... wow.

The more YOU spark, the more I spark? Sign me up! So here I am, guiding visionaries like you to fan their sparks into full-fledged flames.

I’d love you to join me.

Why work with me?

To allow me to dare you to live a life you love—and to guide, support, witness, comfort, and catalyze you as you move into embodying the life you’ve envisioned. We need a world full of people who are in love with life.

One of my talents is seeing patterns: I’m able to see patterns that limit what’s possible for you and those that work for you—so we can work with them to unleash possibilities. And those choices that feel like they’re taking you in opposite directions? Let’s look at the alchemy of putting them together and see what “third thing” arises. That might just be your super power.

I’m a creative engine—who also knows what it feels like to be stuck. I understand what it feels like when “success” has become a straightjacket. And I know how to shift into a stance of creating transformation at multiple levels so I can feel freedom again.

Another one of my gifts is seeing the true desire beneath the desire. Often, when we think we want something, there’s a deeper motivation. I tend to see when clients haven’t gone deep enough to truly reveal their deepest longing. It’s so key to get to the core desire, because that is what’s going to keep you motivated—not the surface desire you think you want.

For some of us—like me—tapping into the true desire beneath the vision takes some exploring. For a long time, I questioned my drive to explore everything.

Why couldn't I settle on one thing? If I wanted one thing and also wanted its complete opposite… Who was I? 

Was I refined and cultured, loving the art and cuisine and ideas that were cultivated by my years in Europe, or was I wild and tangled and undone from my summers in the woods and lakes and oceans? Was I a writer, or an artist? Pie, or cupcakes? Calvin & Hobbes, or Carl Jung? I felt so much pressure to just pick something, already.

Turns out, we don't have to choose. Huh.

There is no either/or.

Without contrast, there is no dimension. Duality is just foreplay for alchemy. And we are all alchemists. As a visionary, you already know this somewhere deep down.

My friend, you get to be EVERYTHING that you love. I think this is crucial to living a joyful life.

The amazing thing in exploring so many seemingly disparate activities throughout the course of my life is that now I see patterns—everywhere. I see connections—everywhere—so I am able to plug myself in almost—anywhere. I'm a bridge. As a visionary, you are too.

Are there parts of you that don't seem to fit together? They do. And this is part of your power. Let's figure out how to channel that power—for you, and for the world.

You, creatively empowered. That is what transforms us all.

Hit SPARK! and tell me what vision you’re longing for—it’s time to bring it to life. I am so excited for you. Let's play, wild one.