The Cross-Pollinatrix

I was honored to create this commissioned mosaic for an amazing woman who is a (r)evolutionary community-builder, sowing love in all its forms.

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The Cross-Pollinatrix

When a goddess is born with an infinite heart, there is no other path but to create new universes expansive enough to reflect its radiance.

An infinite variety of flowers bursts from the breasts of the Cross-Pollinatrix. The blooms are the worldly manifestation of the song in her heart, her own melody of abundance—her gifts to all the worlds, so that when those new universes are born, they may begin in beauty and love.

And those flowers that happen to fall to the ground, rather than into grateful hands, find their way back into the soil to nourish miracles yet to come.

As she offers her blooms, she dances to all of the beats of the multiverse. And though to the naked eye it may on occasion appear she dances alone, that would be an illusion: She draws on the heartbeats of all the creatures in all the worlds to dance her infinite song—an improvisational harmony that can only be seen and heard with the heart.

Her message is this:

Our hearts never stop growing; nor does our song.

Let your own flowers flow from your heart, those blossoms that are the exquisitely expressive notes of YOUR song. Let them burst forth and give them, with purpose, as gifts: bouquets of flower-notes that transform us in the giving and in the receiving.

Know that your song is infinite, and I will always provide the harmony—just listen for me with your all-in heart. Our heartstrings are connected, and they are meant to be played together.

That is the path of love.

Copyright Calee Lucht, 2018

My Process:

Archetypes: Newborn universes need new archetypes: introducing the Cross-Pollinatrix.

Inspiration: Cross-pollinating love across space and time, seeds that bloom into the improvisational harmony of wisdom, leading with light.

Materials: Blue lace agate, ammonite, blue apatite, chalcopyrite, chevron amethyst, celestite, amazonite, malachite, turquoise, dyed aura quartz, selenite, Arkansas clear quartz, apophylite, seed pearls, vitreous, mirrored, and ceramic tiles, stained glass. Love.

24” X 36”

Interested in commissioning a mosaic? I'd be delighted to speak with you! Please note that due to the fine art nature and size, as well as the exquisite materials, time, and energy invested into these pieces, all mosaics represent a four- to five-figure investment.