A poem about finding ourselves by going into the most fathomless depths.


Some of us name ourselves the

restless ones

We crave our restlessness the way we do our lovers

Intense, and pearlescent

We nurture the search, knowing that


is found in the journey, and not in the arrival


that oceanic moment when home finds us, startled,

caught in mid-crest—

The journey was within, you see

Turns out there was no voyage, no expedition to mount

Home was the current we were riding all along

Every wave who individuates

and sinks back into the sea

knows this

Though we kept crashing against it, we were never seeking the shore

We belong to the place we are made,

the place of deepest love

that fathomless state of grace that is our seabed

A place to rest

after the tumbling is



© Calee Lucht 2016

My Process:

Archetypes: The Lover, The Explorer, water gods and goddesses.

Inspiration: Oneness, individuation, the search for self, home, the constant cresting and receding cycle of the waves, the ocean.

Materials: I dipped deckle-edged paper in water color paint, which rises and falls as you turn the pages, to suggest the rising and falling of a wave. I used marine blue calligraphy paint to write the poem and bound the book with blue string, knotted to suggest nautical knots. It is adorned simply with two small white shells to suggest partnership, purity, and our eternal home on the seabed. Love.