Phoenix Love

When the only way to love is to burn, and to be gilded in the burning.

­Phoenix Love

­I know you didn’t know this.

How could you know

what I didn’t know


I was only trying to protect you.

When love burns like ours, there are no survivors.

When love chokes like smoke—

you’ll choose the little death you see in me.

Wildfire is alluring

all untamed,

voracious and voluptuous in her billowing heat

But don’t be fooled: She is created for destruction.

So, I chose a controlled burn

rather than be surprised by how I’d slay you.


as you watch me blaze from the nest where I left you,

unable to resist the call

unsure of my path so ravaging them all

Know that the burning

I do

I do

for you.­­­


© Copyright Calee Lucht 2017

My Process:

Archetypes: Kali Ma, goddess of destruction and creation, fire goddesses, the phoenix.

Inspiration: Feathers and flames. Resurrection, destruction giving way to creation. Alchemy, purification. Fire wisdom.

Materials: I covered the album with papers that suggest feathers and smoke--with a bit of gold to represent alchemy. I chose white calligraphy ink on black paper, which to me looks like wisps of smoke. I burned the edges of the pages and then gilded them to show that our wounds can be transmuted into gold if we choose--the ultimate alchemy. Love.