Rebirth of Venus

Venus let me in on a secret: The final step before alchemy is sacred partnership. 

Only when we've forged a loving partnership with ourselves can we enter the divine dance with another.

Venus whispers, "Dance, and let yourself be danced. That is the Way."

>> Mosaic art available on commission <<

Calee Lucht Rebirth of Venus mosaic_Oneness.jpg

My Process:

Archetypes: The Lovers.

Inspiration: The union of the divine feminine and divine masculine, communion of body and soul, the reciprocity of human and divine, alchemy, ocean wisdom, moon love.

Materials: Seed pearls, shells, vitreous, mirrored glass, and ceramic tiles, pearl. Love.

24” X 36”

Copyright Calee Lucht 2018

Interested in commissioning a mosaic? I'd be delighted to speak with you! Please note that due to the fine art nature and size, as well as the exquisite materials, time, and energy invested into these pieces, all mosaics represent a four- to five-figure investment.