Starbirth: Tale of a Springtime Goddess

As the woods wake up from winter, a woman in full bloom celebrates her power to create: beauty, art, and a brand new life.

"Thank you, Calee, for documenting this very special time in my life! You thoughtfully captured the miracle of life through beautifully written prose and magical photographs. I can't believe how you transformed the backyard (and me) into a dream setting. This makes me feel like a Piscean goddess!"

— S.K.

My Process:

Archetypes: Aphrodite, the creation goddess, maternal energy, goddesses of the water and woods.

Inspiration: The shadowy, nurturing, earthy energy of the woods; the womblike, dreamy energy of the water; the light of star children. Birth, rebirth, springtime, blooming, shadow/light.

Materials: I draped her in colorful silk to suggest the polarity of refinement and earthiness. In the album, I penned her personal legend and painted water color tree branches on hand pressed deckle-edged paper. The trees start out bare, then slowly bloom as you turn the pages, to reflect the journey of gestation and darkness to light and full bloom. Love.