The Eighth Blessing

Every once in a while, two soul spirals converge, and the universe dances. What an honor to witness this sacred marriage.

Calee Lucht mosaic Eighth Blessing.jpg

The Eighth Blessing

The path worth taking is always curved, a circular one.

The curve of a hand cradling a lover’s cheek.

Four arms entwined around two bodies

A heart, expanding as it embraces a world full of love.

We spend our lives walking in circles, repeating patterns with new eyes, searching for those parts of ourselves—the love—we accidentally dropped along the way.

Sometimes, we journey forth to seek new landscapes, in case that dropped bit of  love drifted away.

Sometimes, we retrace our steps, in case that love is behind us after all, rooted to the same spot we lost sight of it.

And so we go in a spiral path, forward, around, and back, until one day, two spirals converge—and that is the exact intersection where your love and his love recognize each other. Where the spiral paths suddenly make sense.

Though we’ve been looking for the love we lost sight of, we recognize that convergence only with the heart—not the eyes. And so when two spirals converge, we feel the alchemical truth of its infinity.

And so two souls curve around each other’s hearts and continue on their spiral path, forward, around, and back, knowing that the journey will always lead to one another.

Because the journey into the faceted, shimmering heart of love—that infinite blessing—is always the journey home.


My Process:

Archetypes: Hieros gamos, the sacred marriage. The infinite spiral.

Inspiration: Alchemy, love, communion, spiral dynamics, blessings, heart wisdom. The journey home to love.

Materials: Amethyst, malachite, turquoise, lapis lazuli, mother of pearl, goldstone, seed pearls, vitreous, mirrored, and ceramic tiles, stained glass. Love.

12” X 12”

Copyright Calee Lucht 2018

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