The Mermaid

Sometimes, the most important journey we’ll ever make is the one that brings us back to ourselves.

I figure if I’m putting my clients through this process, I should do it, too! I was honored to be photographed by the gorgeously talented Tiziana Rozzo. If you already have photographs you own but would like to work with me on the story, art, and album, I'd be delighted to discuss a custom project with you.

My Process:

Archetypes: Water goddess, siren, creator

Themes: Self-reflection, partnership, individuation, beauty, treasure, emergence

Materials: Water colors and silver leaf. I splattered the pages with greenish calligraphy ink: I wanted it to look as if someone soaking wet--say, a siren emerging from the sea--had written the words and dripped on the paper. In a few spots, I used silver leaf to adorn the pages, to suggest reflection as well as treasures from the depths of the ocean.